Hollow Earth

Category: Distortion

Building A Rat Clone

The RAT clone quickly became one of my favorite distortions on my effects board. It is easy-to-build and fits into a 1590B case. My build of the pedal is geared to the schematics, parts list and PCB layout from  Tonepad . It seemed to me to be a very simple build so I decided to...

Tim Escobedo's UglyFace with LFO control

Another circuit well-known in the DIY community is the  UglyFace  designed by Tim Escobedo. After listening to some sound samples on the web, I got curious how it will sound "in real life". So I decided to build my own clone. Although my first draft of the original...

Big Muff Pi - Green Russian Clone (UK-Electronic)

The second guitar fx project I decided to build was the  Big Muff Π , Green Russian version. Like the Tonebender MK-III I ordered this kit again from UK-Electronic . Building the effect has been easy as I could gain some experience from the previous project. If you're...
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