Hollow Earth

Building A Rat Clone

alex | 18 November, 2012 23:52

The RAT clone quickly became one of my favorite distortions on my effects board. It is easy-to-build and fits into a 1590B case. My build of the pedal is geared to the schematics, parts list and PCB layout from Tonepad. It seemed to me to be a very simple build so I decided to solder it to a perfboard.

The only modification I did was to use a linear pot for the filter instead of a logarithmic - I tried out both, but preffered the linear responsivity.

For some historical background check out wikipedia's page about the Pro Co RAT. This distortion really sounds great, but I still have to try out the original from Pro Co - it's not very expensive (around 70€).

Rat CloneRat CloneRat Clone Perfboard LayoutRat Clone Perfboard Layout (Outline)

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