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DIY For Beginners - Equipment

alex | 06 October, 2012 14:53

This post is part of my posts series "DIY For Absolute Beginners". Click here for the introduction. 

Today I'd like to talk about the equipment, apart from the electronic components, which is required or may be useful when you start to build your own stompboxes. 


Absolutely required equipment

  1. soldering iron (20-30W) or a soldering station (provides variable temperature)
  2. small wire cutter
  3. cardboard cutter
  4. several screwdrivers
  5. tin-solder
  6. multimeter

Recommended equipment


  1. cable stripper
  2. pliers
  3. forceps - e.g. the ones you get in your local drug store, but a set with different types would be even better ;-)
  4. "third hand" tool
  5. nut drivers, socket and wrench set or open end wrenches (to fix nuts on potis, switches, etc)
  6. sliding caliper
  7. if you're going to drill the cases by yourself: power drill, set of driling bits for metal from 3mm to 12mm, drill rig, L-clamps



  1. set of heat shrink tubes (to isolate solder joints which may cause short circuit faults)
  2. cable straps
  3. silver wire - for traces on perfboards
  4. litz wire - different colors help tracing the wire chaos
  5. strip boards, perfboards, PCBs - whatever is required or preferred

Beyond price:

(Unfortunately I couldn't take a good picture of it) 

  1. brain
  2. patience
  3. fine motor skills 


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