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Quick Review: Madbeanpedals PCBs

alex | 27 November, 2012 23:08

A few weeks ago I ordered some PCBs at madbeanpedals.com. Madbeanpedals offers several PCBs for simple up to difficult DIY guitar effects projects.

I decided to get the following PCBs:

  • Wolfshirt, a Foxx Tone Machine (TM) clone / Fuzz
  • Pork Barrel, based on the classic CE-2 / Chorus
  • Current Lover, based on the Electric Mistress (TM) / Flanger
  • Double Flush, based on the Bajaman Trembulator / Optical Tremolo
  • LowRider, based on the Pearl Octaver (TM) / Clean Octaver

Order and payment was uncomplicated and handled by PayPal. Brian mailed the boards within a few days; the shipping in total took about eleven days from Nashville to Germany.

I have been suprised by the amazing quality of the PCBs - heavy material, double sided, tinned, plated-through and mounting diagram printed on the upper side. Soldering turned out to be very easy on those boards. 

The pots can be mounted directly on the boards; the build instructions contain precise drilling templates - if printed in the correct size, so check before drilling.

The build instructions in general are very good; options (e.g. replacements for the components) and possible mods are explained comprehensible. The only thing missing is a wiring diagram - but to be honest, if you understand how a true bypass works or at least know how to wire one, you won't need this. Everything else - power source, ground, in, out, ... - is printed clearly on the board and as the pots are meant to be mounted on the PCB, wiring them is also obvious (if required). You can download the build instructions on the website, check it out!

So, as a conclusion, madpeanpedals offers PCBs and project documentations of good quality for reasonable prices and shipping rates. Delivery period as expected from USA to Europe.

I will post images of my builds as soon as possible.

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