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Snapshot: My Current Effects Setup

alex | 08 December, 2012 13:15

Allright, here's a snapshot of the guitar effects I'm currently using for my band. The case is a customized "Harley Benton PB705 Pedalcase" from Thomann. Well, it's a very cheap one, but for the moment it matches my requirements.

I cut some holes into the board to countersink an electrical socket and a Harley Benton Powerplant. All DC wires for the effects are installed under the board to minimize the cable chaos on the surface. The effects are "fixed" with a hook-and-loop fastener - not the best solution, but sufficient.

Pedalboard Setup (12/2012)

Upper row, from left to right (fx loop, signal path right to left):

  • EHX Echo #1 (Delay, the only non-DIY effect on the board)
  • Digital Reverb with a BTDR-2 chip from uk-electronic
  • Phozer by runoffgroove (Phaser)
  • Pork Barrel from madbeanpedals (Chorus, CE-2 clone)
Lower row, from left to right (pre-amp, signal path right to left):
  • The Rat (Distortion, Rat clone)
  • Vodka (Distortion, Big Muff Pi Green Russian clone)
  • Hot Brownie (Overdrive, HotCake clone)
  • Screamer (Overdrive, Tubescreamer clone)
  • Zen Drive clone (Overdrive)
  • Orange Squeezer clone (Compressor)
  • Korg Pitchblack (Guitar Tuner)
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