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Drilling Templates For Guitar Effect Pedals

alex | 31 December, 2012 13:05

Creating drilling templates is always a bit time-consuming. I started drawing the templates using GIMP, but it turned out to be very laborious. So I tried out drawing them with LibreOffice Draw, which turned out to be the better way.

However, I'm starting to collect the various drilling templates I've worked out and will provide them to you. All the templates in this post are "verified" - which means I've used them at least once for drilling and got everything in the right place. I will add new templates every time I've created and verified a new one.

But consider - if you want to use the templates, always check the following issues before drilling: 

  • print in original size and check if the dimensions really match your case
  • check if your board matches the free space in the templates; if not, ensure that it is low enough to be mounted above the pots
  • check out the dimensions and required hole sizes of your parts - they may not comply with the parts I'm using
The hole sizes that match my parts are the following:
  • Pots (Alpha): 7mm
  • Jacks (Neutrik): 10mm
  • DC Jack: 12mm
  • Footswitch 3PDT and 2PDT: 12mm
  • LED sockets (for 5mm LED): 8mm
Case Pots Foot sw. LED Switches Comment Download
1590A 3 1 x 3PDT 1 - Created to fit the Cave Dweller Delay from
madbeanpedals.com. 9mm Pots, an 8mm DC jack and
16mm mono enclosed jacks have been used.
1590B 3 1 x 3PDT 1 - Created for a Montarbo Sinfhoton ODG | PDF
1590B 4 1 x 3PDT 1 - - ODG | PDF
1590B 3 1 x 3PDT 1 1 x SPST Created to fit the Zero Point Micro from madbeanpedals.com ODG | PDF
1590BB 3 1 x 3PDT 1 - Created for a Big Muff ODG | PDF
1590BB 5 2 x 3PDT 2 - - ODG | PDF
1590BB 6 2 x 3PDT 2 1 x SPST - ODG | PDF
1590BB 5 1 x 3PDT 3 1 x SPST, 1 x DPDT Created for the Causality 4 MK II Phaser (including all mods) ODG | PDF


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