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Tone Bender MK-III Clone (UK-Electronic)

alex | 16 June, 2012 17:27

The Tone Bender MK-III has been my first DIY guitar effect. It's a fuzz type of distortion.

I ordered the "Tonebender MK-III" fuzz kit at the online shop of UK-Electronic. Some days later, the kit arrived: an aluminium case, a PCB and a few electronic components, switches, plugs, etc. The building instructions have to be downloaded on the website and are pretty good, supported by some images of different steps; they also contain drilling and layout templates.

I started soldering the same day; as I didn't have much experience in soldering, it took me more or less 3h to put all the components onto the PCB. The next day it took another 3h to do the wiring of the effect. Plugged it into the amp and ... nothing. Damn frustrating. Checked everything again, but didn't find the error.

If something like this happens to you, the best thing to do is put it away and check again later. The day after I found the mistake really quickly. I confused the tip and ring contacts of the output. Corrected it and Yeah! - it worked.

For the layout I used the printing template contained in the manual. I printed it with an ink jet on a white self-adhesive film, put some clear coat on it and glued it onto the top of the case.

Talking about the tone - it sounds pretty cool, but even in neck position and tone control set to low on the guitar, the sound has lots of treble and mids, but very little low frequencies. Well, I think one day I'm going to slightly modify the tone filters...

Tonebender MK-III - topTonebender MK-III - backTonebender MK-III - interior

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