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Big Muff Pi - Green Russian Clone (UK-Electronic)

alex | 16 June, 2012 19:42

The second guitar fx project I decided to build was the Big Muff Π, Green Russian version. Like the Tonebender MK-III I ordered this kit again from UK-Electronic.

Building the effect has been easy as I could gain some experience from the previous project. If you're interested in the building manual check the product page for the download.

Looking at pictures of the original versions from EHX/Sovtek I instantely knew what I wanted it to look like: an accessory of the soviet army. So, of course, I kept the olive-green color of the original effect and added a red star around the LED to the design. Finally I called my clone "Vodka" ;-) and labelled the box in russian lettering.

I love the sound of this stompbox - great sustain & tone control. Combined with a Les Paul (humbucker on neck position) and an Orange amp, it really gives a good stoner rock feeling. I will provide some sound samples as soon as possible. 

Big Muff Pi (Green Russian) - top viewBig Muff Pi (Green Russian) - back viewBig Muff Pi (Green Russian) - interior view

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