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Gear Check: Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior

alex | 12 September, 2012 18:12

By a growing set of guitar effects I started to look for a power supply that is able to provide power for several stompboxes. Most of these power supplies cost a lot of money, so I was a bit suprised to find the Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior for a very low price (around 30€), but with a very good customer rating on the Thomann Online Store.

Harley Benton is the private brand of Thomann and offers musical instruments and parts for low prices. Sometimes those products are cheap in price and quality, but sometimes good value for money.

Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior 

Attracted by price and rating, I ordered the PPJ - and here's my field report:

Some data:

  • Input: 230V AC
  • Output: 5 x 9V DC (max. 120mA each)
  • floating supply
  • solid metal case
  • fixed power cable (~150 cm)
  • ships with a extensive cable set (5 x 60 cm, 5 x 30 cm, 1 x Y-cable, 1 x daisy chain 100 cm)
The PPJ matches nearly all my needs and I am really comfortable with this power supply - neither humming or other noise nor any other problems.
120mA is plenty for most analog stompboxes, but digital effects may require more - e.g. my EHX Echo#1 does not work with the PPJ, it requires about 200mA. For stompboxes that require less than 24mA (which applies to most of my DIY effects) I am using the included daisy chain cable. That way I can plug 5 effects to a single output and connect a total of 9 stompboxes to the power supply (I'm wondering if it would work to connect 5 daisy chains to a total of 25 connections... up until now, I haven't tried...).
For effects that require 18V a Y-Cable is also provided within the set - using it requires 2 outputs.
There's only one thing I am missing: an on/off power switch would be nice, but well - I can live without it ;-)
So my conclusion is: the Harley Benton PowerPlant Junior is a great, well working and low-priced solution for stompboxes that require up to 120mA. Buy it!

PLEASE DO NOT MISTAKE the "HB PowerPlant Junior" with the "HB PowerPlant" which is a completely different device! I haven't tried the other one.



Michael | 27/12/2012, 23:05

What are the dimensions of this power supply? Can't seem to find them anywhere. Thanks!

Re: Dimensions

alex | 28/12/2012, 12:12

The dimensions are:
Width: 10,5 cm
Length: 8 cm
Height: 4 cm

Re: Re: Dimensions

Michael | 28/12/2012, 15:22

Thank you very much!

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