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Tim Escobedo's UglyFace with LFO control

alex | 22 September, 2012 17:00

Another circuit well-known in the DIY community is the UglyFace designed by Tim Escobedo. After listening to some sound samples on the web, I got curious how it will sound "in real life". So I decided to build my own clone.

Although my first draft of the original circuit on breadboard went totally wrong - it didn't sound in any way like the samples I heard, but very crappy instead - I wanted to give it another try. Searching round the web, I found this Youtube video with a link to an adapted version with LFO control as a stripboard layout. I built it exactly by the layout and as a result I got a very flexible and amusing effects pedal.

No matter if you will be able to use it in a band context, this pedal is worth a build!

Here are some pictures (yeah, the wiring looks a bit chaotic...)

Tim Escobedo's Uglyface with LFO Tim Escobedo's Uglyface with LFO - interior view

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